Create with Book-it

The tool allows you to create a quality book easily at a fixed cost of Rs. 25,000 for a maximum of 24 pages, inclusive of Design, Illustration, Print and Delivery charges.

Author Services

MomSays makes your journey into writing children’s books easy. Our author services feature helps you with copy-check and editing, for a nominal fee.

This feature does not alter your original content. The editing process only ensures correct grammar and sentence formation.

Cancellation and refund

As our valued customer we strive to ensure that we meet your expectations through proper feedback mechanisms while the book is being developed for you. However, you may choose to cancel your order. To ensure that it is easy, we have drafted our cancellation and refund policy. This gives you the flexibility of canceling your order at various stages of the book development process.

Book development – Book-it tool

You may cancel your order at various stages of the book creation process. The refund amount will depend on the stage at which the order is canceled.

  1. Stage 1- You may cancel your order within 3 days of content submission. This is the period within which you can also review and change your content. If you cancel at this stage, we will deduct a transaction fee of 10% from the total order price.

  2. Stage 2 - Once the book has been designed and ready for you to view, you may cancel the order, and we will refund 25% of the total order price.

  3. Stage 3- If you do not cancel the order at stage 2, and provide us feedback with changes, we get to work to incorporate those changes. After this you can view your final book. If you are still not satisfied, you can choose to cancel your order. If you do cancel, we will refund 25% of the total order price.

  4. Stage 4- Once you have given us an order to print, you cannot cancel the order.

  5. Stage 5 – Once you submit the content, you have 3 days to review and change your content. After 3 days, we will check the content to ensure it complies with our terms and conditions. If we recommend changes you may decide to:

    1. Either change it, or

    2. Choose to cancel the order. If you decided to cancel, we will deduct 25% of the total order price as cancellation charges.


You can batch order (extra copies in batches) the book you have created through the Book-it tool. Please note that we will be unable to entertain any cancellation or refund requests once the order to print has been placed.

Publishing and selling on MomSays bookstore

Upon arriving at a decision to sell your book on momsays.co.in, you can select the number of copies you would like printed. We will ensure printing and management of your orders for a fee. Please note that there is no cancellation facility available once you have opted to publish on our bookstore. Also, you will not be able to change the number of copies requested for printing for a particular order.


If a book purchased on momsays.co.in has been delivered in poor condition, you can request for a replacement. We do not have a cancellation facility for books purchased on momsays.co.in bookstore.


Once you have subscribed for our worksheets, you cannot cancel the subscription. Also, no request towards extension of subscription will be given in case of non-usage or low usage.

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Stay updated on the status of your book. A page-wise feedback mechanism empowers you to provide feedback before your book is finalized for printing. Also, keep a track of your book sales and revenue, in case you have decided to place your book on the bookstore.

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